Food distribution

Professional distribution: vegetables, grain and oil, fresh meat, frozen products, fruits, seasonings, etc

Source safety management
1, vegetables from pollution-free vegetable base, and pesticide residue detection。2. All non-staple foods are provided by professional manufacturers approved by the government and with QS production license。3, livestock products must pass the inspection of the quarantine department, and have the relevant inspection certificate。4. All products to the factory shall be inspected by the quality control department and can be stored only after passing the test。

Warehouse safety management
1. Strictly divide the region, and the food is classified and stored according to the region。2. Food and non-food are stored independently to prevent cross contamination。3. The warehouse is ventilated, dustproof, leakproof, rat-proof, fly-proof and cockroach proof。4, timely inventory, first in first out, to prevent insect bite mildew。

Distribution mode
(1) Package delivery: Your company will agree on a reasonable package price and delivery standard according to the dining standard of each meal,Our professional nutritionists create weekly menus,According to the number of diners, the distribution center will send the daily required fruits, aquatic products, vegetables and other raw materials to the place designated by your company on time and in quantity for acceptance by your company personnel,Monthly settlement based on the number of people。
(2) Delivery according to the market price of the day: Party A shall fax the quantity of vegetables and other non-staple food raw materials required the next day to our distribution center, and our company shall open the price according to the quantity and the market price of the day on time, and settle once a month。
(3) Regular pricing and delivery: After Party B provides the quotation on a regular basis (once a week) and is confirmed by Party A, Party B shall deliver the quotation to Party A's designated place for acceptance by Party A on time and in quantity according to Party A's forecast quantity. The price shall be calculated by both parties at the price agreed in advance and shall be settled once a month。
(4) Other methods shall be separately agreed by both parties。

Vegetable distribution

Base procurement, first-level wholesale market direct supply, channel advantages

All kinds of fresh vegetables procurement processing and distribution

Let us use professional procurement, more favorable and safe。Control costs at source

Fresh pork, beef and mutton

First-line brand&Fixed-point procurement, the source can be traced

Complete category, professional distribution

Leg meat, pork belly, large rib, small rib

Meat rice, shredded meat, sliced meat

Various animal organs

Condiment specialty

Oil, salt, sauce and vinegar are good for everything

Complete category, safe and assured

Big pot dishes mainly condiments, taking into account small pot dishes condiments

Direct supply of grain and oil

Many big brand cooperation,

Safe grease, fresh rice

Rice factory direct supply: Northeast rice, northern Jiangsu rice

Big brand oil: soybean oil, blended oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil