Fast food delivery

Adhering to the marketing concept of "good taste and low price, fine and thoughtful", we actively provide customers with healthy food supply, scientific nutrition composition, warm and thoughtful service!

Professional solution to customer catering distribution problems, with professional distribution equipment, distribution team and senior chef team。Can be stationed in the customer unit on-site production, can also distribute finished products to the customer's designated location on-site meal, buffet and other forms, or packaged box lunch directly distributed to the customer unit on-site sale or distribution。Let you and your staff feel the warmth of home, so as to maintain a positive and motivated team spirit。

Pinzheng CateringFor your fresh and delicious fast food delivery:Office white-collar food distribution, exhibition activities food distribution, school parents meeting food distribution, film and television crew food distribution, talent recruitment group food distribution, cultural performance activities food distribution, and other catering services。

Price distribution range for details:400-666-9986

Box lunch delivery

The disposable eco-friendly lunch box provides delicious meals

Various dining standards are available

Meat and vegetables with staple food tube is convenient and fast enough

Bucket rice delivery

Bucket rice delivered, distributed on site

On-site distribution, hot dishes hot meals

Precise logistics, bucket rice, on-site distribution

Cold chain supply for on-site heating

Microwave heating on site using advanced cold chain technology

Cold chain fast food

Guaranteed hygiene, delicious