Canteen management as a logistics support in the enterprise operation, is to choose the canteen outsourcing or self-management, many enterprises feel a headache in this respect, how to choose?Compared with canteen self-management, canteen outsourcing has the following advantages:

First, avoid management loopholes
The price of Chinese cabbage today is 0.35 yuan/catty, tomorrow it could be 0.85 yuan/catty;Whether the weight of meat, vegetables, grain and oil is consistent with the actual......Uncontrollable market changes and other factors have made the customer-run canteen an inevitable grey management area and one of the biggest complaints from employees。
If the canteen is handed over to our company, the customer's troubles will become simple and clear。As long as the same position with the dining staff, and the canteen supervision in place;In this way, in terms of catering, it can not only avoid the contradiction caused by direct collision between factory enterprises and employees, but also monitor the operation of the canteen without any scruples, and make corresponding warnings and penalties for the quality of dishes!  Compared with the customer's own canteen, this is enough to allow customers to save money in the canteen food!!

Ii. Transfer of labor-capital conflicts
Employees' emotions are easy to break out in the canteen, such as unfair food distribution, or foreign bodies in the food, or being criticized for using the problem, etc., if it is not handled properly, it is directly targeted at the factory。Invisibly increase the management cost。
When the customer contracts the canteen to our company, the customer and the staff stand on the same side, and the emotional spearhead of the staff can only be turned from your company to our company。
Each of our canteen managers or supervisors has been trained to deal with special environments and service systems, and has accumulated at least three years of practical experience。There are unique solutions to canteen emergencies。

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Third, professional service
Catering is a service industry, and canteen management is no exception。
When the customer runs the canteen, the kitchen staff and the workshop production staff are colleagues of the factory enterprise, it does not matter who serves whom, who serves whom;"I cook my food", "I clean the floor is OK";There is no sense of service。It makes employee dining like asking grandma and grandpa。Be careful not to offend the canteen staff。This is not conducive to factory enterprises to retain employees, easy to not conducive to recruitment。
"Customer is God" is the concept that our company has always instilled in every employee。Since its establishment, our company has been positioned as a service company, specializing in catering services to customers, and never directly resist and collide with customers' reasonable and unreasonable requirements, but analyze problems for customers to understand。

Fourth, flexible exchange of talents
With the foundation of canteen operation and development for more than ten years, our company currently has a certain number of reserve cadres (canteen supervisors and chefs).。Usually each canteen is deployed to each canteen to assist in various work, study and training, if there is a new canteen can be used immediately。
Our company has also reached a strategic partnership with New Oriental Cooking School to attract culinary and management talents。According to the routine, the canteen three change the chef once, in order to change more dishes, to meet the taste of dining staff。The customer should be informed in advance of the change of chef。

5. Food prices are more manageable
Compared with the customer-owned canteen, the canteen outsourcing our company is enough to allow customers to save money in the canteen catering!
We use rice oil and meat condiments in large quantities for a long time, or have already reached a strategic partner with relevant manufacturers, or tap the strength of suppliers who are familiar with the industry, and deliver goods directly from manufacturers at a lower wholesale price than the market。And directly reduce the cost of storage, transportation and operation with the advantage of resource integration。
Self-operated procurement is basically the latest local market procurement, food circulation links have regional operators, large wholesalers, wholesalers, small wholesalers, retailers, and so on, and then to the hands of self-operated procurement has been earned several costs, of course, but also bear the back and forth of the transport costs。

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Six, the food taste more intimate
After the self-operated canteen recruitment chef comes in, if there is no particularly big problem, the chef will not be replaced。The chef also ended up at a leisurely pace, frying his own few dishes is to complete the task。It is hard to eat the staff, long or all year long to endure the taste of a chef's meals。
It takes time and labor to make good food, from the list of recipes, purchasing, selecting ingredients, matching dishes, color matching, cutting, ingredients, heat control to temperature control, etc., every link must be careful.If these steps are despised and no one controls them, who is willing to do such a complex process?
These are the necessary processes for each canteen of our company, which are controlled by the supervisor and executed by the team members。And our chef once the staff complain that the cooked food does not taste, you can replace it。Our three-month regular chef rotation system also ensures that the dining staff's tastes are updated。

There are endless variations on recipes
Through continuous business exchanges between various canteens and chefs, the canteen outsourcing company continues to excavate and accumulate various menus in the canteen, so that the dining staff can eat more colorful and delicious dishes。
Unless it is the favorite dish of the customer staff or the customer has the requirement, the weekly menu of our canteen is not allowed to have the phenomenon of repeated dishes。We believe that only continuous progress, will not be eliminated。

8. Special catering is available at any time
Due to the focus on catering, our company has accumulated more than ten years of operating experience in specialty catering, and reserves a large number of various catering talents;Provide catering services to different customers。
Malatang with different flavors and Western fast food are very popular with young people;The rich pasta window is widely welcomed by people in the north, and more people in the South open dim sum snacks such as bamboo rice;After eating for a long time, it is changed into a claypot rice and so on。

In short, the outsourcing of canteens is the inevitable product of the current socialized precise division of labor.Food and Beverage (link)Professional group catering service for 15 years, has accumulated rich management experience and has a high-quality management team, can meet the needs of large and medium-sized canteen management, welcome to consult:400-666-9986