The core of fine management is a "fine" word, which is characterized by heavy details, heavy specific, heavy process, heavy implementation, heavy quality, heavy effect, and excellence in every detail。The fine management of the canteen is even more so。The company strengthens the management of material procurement in the canteen and reduces the cost of material procurement。In terms of procurement, the company's canteen administrators shop around when purchasing materials, requiring that the purchased materials must be of high quality and low price, and can be put into storage after acceptance and signature by the inspector in accordance with the prescribed process, and random inspections of the canteen procurement materials are carried out from time to time。Strengthen the daily management of canteen facilities and equipment。

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As we all know, the catering industry will certainly involve the inventory management of food raw materials, if not properly managed, the quality of many food raw materials will decline, and even exceed the shelf life, causing huge losses to the canteen。Therefore, effective management of inventory products is particularly important, and the "first in, first out" rule is an effective way to solve the problem of food raw material quality decline, beyond the shelf life。

According to the storage conditions, the canteen inventory can be divided into dry storage warehouse, refrigerated warehouse and frozen warehouse。

The dry storage warehouse of the canteen mainly stores rice, noodles, oil, various food packaging (packing boxes, napkins, disposable chopsticks, etc.), various seasonings and so on。

The refrigerated warehouse of the canteen mainly stores a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, a variety of spices in use (paste, powder, sauce, oil, etc.), waiting for rice noodles, prepared fillings, etc。

The frozen warehouse of the canteen mainly stores all kinds of meat products (finished products, semi-finished products), pork, beef, chicken, seafood, etc。

We must be clear about the purpose of storing food raw materials in the canteen warehouse - to ensure that the canteen is sold normally and stored for sale。That is, in order to make the canteen products can be sold in a balanced and normal way to meet the consumer needs of customers。Therefore, we need to carry out effective inventory management, which requires us to organically combine the purchase of food raw materials with the product sales of the canteen。

"First In First Out" (FIFO) is a principle of storage management, which is to ensure that each storage period is not too long。And the various raw materials required by the canteen have a certain shelf life (or long or short), if not in accordance with the principle of first-in-first-out operation, it is likely to exceed the shelf life, can only be discarded。

In the actual operation process, we need to arrange the warehousing time of raw materials first, and it can be carried out in accordance with the principle of first warehousing and first warehousing when it is put into use。In the specific operation process, we need to store the raw materials in a planned way, and we can find the raw materials in each storage period clearly and easily at any time。

At the same time, the inventory management staff of the canteen needs to check the situation of food raw materials regularly, such as checking the temperature of the refrigeration equipment, the quantity of each batch of ingredients, and the production capacity of the remaining ingredients, so that we can timely deal with the discarded ingredients, add fresh ingredients, and ensure the stability of the quality and quantity of the canteen。 In addition, in order to manage the inventory of raw materials in the canteen more efficiently, professional canteen inventory management software can also be used to speed up the turnover of raw materials during the warranty period and reduce the labor consumption of warehousing。

Storage of food raw materials in accordance with the principle of first-in-first-out, pay attention to classification, marking, shelf, wall, ground storage (dry storage warehouse can not be against the wall, > 5cm), semi-finished products storage containers should also meet the food safety requirements。Different areas are clearly marked, and the relevant content is marked, such as the name of the raw material, shelf life, manager, supplier and his telephone number。

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To do fine canteen managementYou can start with the following three points:
(1) Strictly control food quality and ensure food safety and hygiene。 In the process of operation, we always take food safety as the first responsibility, from the procurement of raw materials, storage, processing, food samples, leftover food storage, facilities disinfection, to staff health inspection, health certificate management, can achieve layers of control, supervision, to ensure that food safety work is foolproof。In terms of food ingredients,A food safety responsibility system has been established,In accordance with the requirements of the food hygiene "54" system,Strictly control the purchase, acceptance, storage and processing,On the basis of washing vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and fruits,Re-disinfection and degradation of pesticide residues are performed,Ensure healthy and safe meals,同时,A food inspection and disinfection system has been established,To ensure that food supervision does not leave dead ends,Through strict control,No food safety issues have occurred,Employees generally respond well。

(2) Strictly control costs and eliminate waste problems。 Canteen management is a complex systematic project. Only by controlling the cost and reducing the loss and waste can the quality of canteen food be continuously improved。为此,From the beginning of our operation, we continue to strengthen the sense of thrift in our employees,Start with details,Pay attention to the standardization of each link in the production process,Strictly control the waste and loss of raw materials and consumable goods,Effectively reduce the cost of energy consumption,同时,We scientifically measure the number of people who eat each day,Basically achieved both to meet the dining staff meal quantity,It can also control unnecessary waste caused by excessive food surplus caused by fewer people。Through improving the system, strict accounting and strengthening supervision, the procurement cost is effectively controlled and the guarantee benefit is maximized。

(3) Strict accounting of funds to ensure formal financial management。 In the management, always strengthen the financial accounting, so as to clear the monthly settlement, the accounts are clear。