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Management system

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Emergency treatment of food poisoning

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If the time of eating is 1 to 2 hours, the method of vomiting can be used。Immediately take 20 grams of salt, add 200 ml of boiling water, drink it once after cooling, if you do not vomit, you can drink several times, quickly promote vomiting。

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Distribution emergency plan in case of power outage, water outage and equipment failure

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In order to prevent unexpected power outage, water supply and equipment failure from affecting the normal production of the canteen, the following emergency plans are formulated to ensure the dining supply of employees under unexpected circumstances。

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Fire emergency plan

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First: Set up a fire emergency response team。The regional manager shall be the group leader, and the deputy group leader and the specified number of team members shall be appointed。 2. The leader of the fire emergency response team is responsible for regularly carrying out fire safety education for all staff and training fire fighting knowledge;Organize fire drills, learn the correct use of fire equipment and escape methods。

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Food poisoning emergency plan

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First, in order to strengthen the supervision and management of the health and safety of the canteen, while ensuring the quality of food hygiene in the canteen, we actively publicize to employees not to eat outside casually to avoid illness。

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Catering management system

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1. No expired, mouldy and spoiled food, raw materials and seasonings shall be used, and surplus food shall be sold for more than 24 hours。 2. Formulate staff recipes, replace reasonable meals every week, balance meals, pay attention to nutrition, adjust colors and varieties, so as to achieve color, aroma, taste, beauty and freshness。

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